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« Rent-Sup » SUP production

Purchase now a SUP per unit or more (from 20 SUP, prefer the following volume purchasing to get a volume discount !)

By buying a “Rent-sup” SUP you get :

  • a factory price.
  • a model tested and proven right worlwide over the last 2 years with our partners.
  • a cost free membership to our network to rent your own boards.

The customizable production by volume

From 20 SUP ordered, get a volume discount !

This new concept allows you to :

  • get the ideal for promotion, advertising and communicating your image and the name of your company.
  • avoid theft as your boards will be unique and not easy to hide away.

What we build

Reliable and long lasting boards

With double layer rails and fusion technology we build strong boards and save 20% on weight and offer you one of the stiffest board on the market.

Our 10.6 is quite stable with one central fin and 2 twins. It matches beginners as well as advanced padlers.

Our boards have 2 years warranty and are tested up to 25 PSI and take 20 PSI for normal use.

Technologie Stand Up Paddle Gonflable

The Rent-Sup pack

Your pack comes with a 3 parts paddle, a high pressure pump, a repair kit and a carry bag

Stand Up Paddle Rent-Sup
Paddle with 3 aluminium parts
A high pressure pump
A repair kit
A carry bag